July 23, 2014

Hello doll babies!

Today is just a quick post of swatches of some of my favorite drugstore lipsticks. I know I love to see a swatch before I purchase a color, so I thought I would give an insight on some of the colors in my collection.

The Nudes

  • Loreal’s Fairest Nude
  • Revlon’s Mauve It Over (matte)

The Pinks

  • Revlon’s Pink Pout (matte)
  • NYC’s Smooch
  • Rimmel’s Kate Moss Collection #101
  • Wet N’ Wild’s Mauve Outta Here/ Rose Flamboyant 907C

The Purples

  • Revlon’s Berry Haute (creme)
  • Rimmel’s Vintage Pink
  • Revlon’s Violet Frenzy (pearl)

The Darks

  • L.A. Colors Luscious Wine (y’all know im cheap, lol)
  • Revlon’s Colorburst Matte Balm Standout Remarquable
  • Revlon’s Toast of New York (creme)
  • NYC’s Mahogany

These are just a few of my favorite lipsticks that I decided to swatch for others to see the color pigment and payoff. If you have any questions or maybe want to see a swatch on the lips, just message me and I will be more than glad to provide you with a photo. Thank you for your continued support through everything. Many more posts to come.

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Karina xx

To Clear Up Any Confusion..

I completely support “fatshion”. You will find the tag under any of my photos on my IG page. I support anyone who loves the way they are and also those who are working to change the things they may not like. When I put the tags that I put, they are much so RELATIVE in every way. I’m a part of the “fatshion” movement, why else would I put it? But I am also on a weight-loss journey. At my heaviest, I was 224 pounds! So please, anyone else who has an issue, do not dare tell me what I can and cannot tag my posts as, for I am also in a boat of plus-size women.

Thank you.

Anonymous asked:

That anon wasn't asking you to stop posting the things you want but actually was asking for you not to tag them with certain unrelated tags. I mean the other day I was going to send you an ask asking for you not to tag weightloss posts in the fatshion tag but someone else beat me there. Point is I really really don't think they were (or I am for that matter) trying to be rude, it's just that it does make people who are in the fatshion tag uncomfortable to see a post that is about losing weight

And neither am I attempting to be rude, but what you don’t realize is that my blog is a lifestyle/journey/beauty and fashion blog. No matter how many anon’s I get, my response will remain the same. End of story.

Any other anon’s asking or telling me about this same issue will be posted without a response. Stay beautiful.

Anonymous asked:

Can you please not tag weight loss related things in the fat posi/fatshion tags? :/ for some people it doesn't bother them, but for other people like myself it makes me incredibly uncomfortable and for others it's even worse.

If you have a problem with the things I post, keep scrolling. I didn’t force you to read it. Losing weight is also a learning process of confidence. If youre not confortable with yourself, thats something YOU have to work on, not I have to change in my posts. I wont change what the majority loves for one person. Not sorry. My main goal is to inspire, but you people get offended so easily. I hope you find the confidence to look forward.

I just thought you all should know..

… it really does warm my heart when you guys leave me comments on old photos telling me that I inspire you or that you love reading my posts. I don’t just read these and forget. Every word sticks with me. Recently I was asked about my weight loss journey and some of the steps that I take to try and lose weight. Now as we all can see, I am NO fit expert. I wish I was confident enough to tell you all the number I see when I step on the scale, but today is not that day. But these are just some things that I do to try and see improvement in my body.

  1. Water:¬†I cannot express enough the importance of water on the body and in weight loss. I made the decision some time in middle school to cut out drinking sodas. Now, I am normal. Every blue moon, and when I say “blue moon” I mean like sips of ginger ale when I’m sick and soda for enjoyment hardly ever! I also don’t drink many juices like Hawaiian punch or artificial juices. When you’re trying to lose weight you want to try your best to cut your calorie count, and I don’t know about anyone else, I don’t want to waste my calories on a sugar packed beverage. Water is 0 calories, and at most restaurants… 0 dollars too! I drink 100% fruit juices though. On Sunday mornings I like to have orange juice with my eggs and bacon just like everyone else. Also every morning with my breakfast, I love to have 100% Cranberry Juice, which let me inform you is very good for your body! It helps to clean you of many toxins that are just sitting in your system. Many people will drink a ton of water when they begin to fill hungry so that they don’t eat.. I can’t say that I take part in this method. It just doesn’t work for me, but I can say that I try to drink an entire bottle of water before¬†lunch and dinner! You will notice that you cannot take in as much food as you would have before.
  2. Portion Size: I am guilty of eating all my food and going back for seconds too. Especially if it is one of my favorite meals! Many people will say “it isn’t what you eat, but how much of it you eat”. This quote kind of pulls at me because I’m sort of in the middle. Just think about it.. You’re at McDonald’s and you decide okay.. I’ll get a small fry and I won’t eat the entire thing.. but while you’re still hungry after a handful of french fries, you could have gotten full of an entire bowl of mixed veggies. I believe it’s more so thinking of what will feel best int he long run instead of at that moment.
  3. Self Discipline: Let’s go back to where I said I often go back for seconds. When I decided that I wanted to lose weight, I cut that out! You have to hold out on some things and just learn to be satisfied. The leftovers will be there tomorrow, have them for lunch! You have to learn the difference between feeling satisfied and feeling full. You should not feel completely disgusted and like you can’t move when you finish a meal. That mean you have overeaten. Let’s also go back to where I talked about the french fries. Now how much self discipline I have will not keep me from eating the entire package of fries. So if it isn’t a cheat day, I would just leave the fries alone.
  4. Exercise: Everyday I try to get in a small amount of exercise during the day so I won’t feel guilty at night. Now I will say that little exercise is better than no exercise, so do something!! Take a walk, a jog, do some jumping jacks, do the cha-cha slide repeatedly in the kitchen with your mom. Many people fail to realize that even if they go into overdrive on a workout, they will not see results if they are stuffing their faces with whatever also. The ideal eating right to exercising ratio is said to be 80%:20%. There are arguments that the numbers are different, but the main point is that you will not lose weight if you exercise but do not control what you eat.
  5. Variety: Find different healthy food that you like and ways to pair them so that you will not get bored. The average Susie Ann salad gets boring to me really quick, so I must find other ways to prepare it or more low calorie foods other than lettuce that phase me. I have a pinterest account that I often look at recipes on and clean eating diaries so that I can get an idea of what I may like.
  6. Cheat Days: As I mentioned before, I am normal. On the weekends, if I have been craving something during the week, I have it. The icecream, chocolate, starbucks, brownies, you do not have to cut these things from your diet altogether! It’s all about self discipline! Even fruits and veggies can be harful when you intake too much of them. Everything you do should be done in moderation.

Now as I said in my intro, I am not a fit expert. I must tell you that everything that works for me, may not work for you, but these are just general tips to help anyone who may be feelings down. If you have an off day with your eating, or you don’t exercise a day, do not beat yourself up over it. Just start again the next day. Weight loss does not happen over night, I’m here to tell you. That’s why I call it my journey, because that is exactly what it is. I wish you well if you are also in the same boat as me. What are some of the steps and procedures you take to see results on the scale? I would love to read them.

And most importantly, eat like you love yourself :)

Karina xx

Hello lovelies!

I thought I would come by just to show you guys some of the cute pick-ups I’ve made recently. I’ve been trying not to purchase so much so that I can do a major shopping haul before I begin university in August, but some cute things, I just MUST have.

To begin with I just picked up a new pack of bobby pins, because you can never have enough and I’ve recently been struggling to find them in my room. And also an ORS Mayonnaise Conditioning pack for my hair. I like to do deep conditioning treatments each time I wash my hair to be sure that it stays somewhat moist, as my hair dries so quickly.

I purchased the cutest contact lenses case from Claire’s accessory store for only $5. Now y’all know I am the DIY Queen and yes, I was thinking of just designing one myself, but I could not resist the cute colors and diamonds, and I had to have it right then in the store.

Also, I love the L.A. Colors nail polishes. The orange I had in my second to last photoset on my nails was by them in the color “SPAT!” and I’ve been looking for a nice coral color to go on my nails, and I felt that this color in “HOTTIE” complimented my skin tone quite well.

I also recently picked up this Rimmel lipstick in the color “Vintage Pink”. I had been eyeing this color for ages since BEAUTYCRUSH who also blogs/vlogs purchased it a while back. It is a pink-ish, purple-ish tone, which looks quite girly and fun. I will include it in my next post which will be a lipstick swatches post.

Last, but not least, I decided to finally purchase a Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow trio in the shade “Im Getting Sunburned” as I have been looking for a perfect golden color to pop right on my eyelids and lower lashline for quite a mysterious look. As you can tell in the swatches, the colors are quite pigmented and they are easy to blend in my opinion. If you are debating on whether to go with any of these small palettes, I suggest you try it! Only $3 in select stores. I got mine from Dollar General.

I hope you are all well! Give me suggestions on any products you would like to see or what you think I should post on. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Karina xx

Yesterday, I caught up with one of my favorite people! My cousin, Erinn! She is a natural hair blogger and soon to be vlogger on tumblr (I will leave her blog link at the bottom of the post). We met up at the local Three Amigos restaurant for lunch and had a great dining experience. The food was AMAZING (as usual) and it was great to see my cousin for the first time since last summer.

Erinn’s tumblr account: rinnstyle.tumblr.com

Hello, ladies!

I hope you are all well, I am back today with a review on Loreal’s “Miss Manga” mascara. Can we first take a moment to adore the cute packaging of this product? It comes in a black and reflecting pink tube that says “Voluminous Miss Manga”. Yes, this mascara is a part of the Voluminous line of mascara’s by Loreal. My absolute favorite mascara is Loreal’s “Voluminous Carbon Black” which is the mascara I have purchased maybe 3 times since I got over my love for Maybelline’s “Mega Plush” mascara. The “Miss Manga” mascara claims to build volume through it’s 360 degree flexible brush. I must say that the mascara does add volume to lashes with only ONE coat, but if any of you ladies are like me, I tend to go a little overboard with layers. Lashes come out dark and full as you can see in the last 3 photos (do not mind the massive spot between my eyes that I suffered from this past weekend, lol). The 360 degree brush was a little tricky to manage, I must admit. If you’re a girl who doesn’t like to spend much time on lashes in the morning, I dont think this would be the best for you as you have to be careful not to make a mess with this easily bendable applicator. On the plus side, I love how the brush is shaped from large to very fine. It makes it simple to get into the inner corner lashes and make them bold. I did not spend much time when applying mascara to my lower lashes, but if it is important, just let me know and I will post a photo for that also. The only con I can find with this mascara is the scent it holds. It’s pretty potent for a mascara, but only last through the application process and the smell dries up along with the mascara.

All in all, I believe that I will be repurchasing Loreal’s “Miss Manga” mascara, because it gives me bold fierce lashes in just a few sweeps of the wand.

You can view more claims of this product and actually see a before and after scenario on:


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I hope you dolls are doing well, keep an eye on my blog for more posts this week! As always I am so grateful for your support!!!

Karina xx